Here’s My Story

Gregory Thompson

My name’s Gregory Thompson, and I”ve been grilling since the sixth grade.

I don’t mean that I made some burgers one time: I started grilling.

My father had to run to the store to get more food for our hungry guests, so he gave me a quick rundown of how to run the propane grill, and it stuck like glue.

That’s when I remember it all starting, anyway, because from that point on I fell in love with grilling.

I asked my father if I could run the grill from now on, which freed him up to focus on the rest of our annual cookout errands.

I competed in two local contests and took fourth place in a smoked meat content, and second place in a run-of-the-mill grilling contest, all before I hit the age of sixteen.

Even when AP classes were piling up, I still manned the grill during every cookout, which turned into a weekly thing when my father retired.

Since then, I’ve worked in dive bars and grill-style restaurants, and in between that time I’ve tested the best grills on the market, first-hand.

As time went on, my brothers and I decided to make cookouts a regular thing, and to this day we still get together (at my house) to kick back, relax, and enjoy some fantastic food.

I know the ins and outs of pellet grills, charcoal varieties, heat distribution, grilling health information, and a whole lot more.

My family suggested that I put all that knowledge to good use, and so Grills Reviewed was born.

Let this be your one-stop shop for all the necessary information about grills, gear, and everything in between, and we’ll turn you into a competition-level pro in no time.